About Us

Whiskey Tango Charlie’s purpose is much more than determining which bottles and distilleries have produced the tastiest spirit. It’s about the passion, stories, and fellowship that surround this very old, deeply-rooted industry.

You will hear the stories and discover how these unique flavors are created through variations of ingredients, aging, and different distilling techniques. With advice on how to palate, collect, and serve whiskey, as well as suggestions for proven food pairings. “Everybody has a different palate.” The guys have made some fundamental discoveries about how people taste, smell and detect flavor, and why you love some whiskey’s and bourbons much more than others.

Follow Charles & Troy to learn more about your palate. You will be inspired to share your knowledge and invite your friends over for an enjoyable Whiskey Tango Charlie tasting event. Contact us today to get your own tasting experience underway.

Charles Wilkerson

Charles Wilkerson is a 30+ year self-made entrepreneur in the print and design field. He is a Founder of businesses in the areas of video, digital design and marketing. A leader within his church and community, Charles serves on a host of boards and committees. 

     Following his passion for Bourbon, Charles established Whiskey Tango Charlie, centered around video blogs, tasting events and brand ambassadorship. Remembering that “It’s not about the juice,” it’s always about the story, walls are broken down and relationships are formed.

Troy Selberg

Troy Selberg is a retired second-generation NASCAR professional. A Six Sigma master black belt, today he uses his experiences as a business coach with an accent in behaviorism.

   As an elected official, Troy volunteers his time within the community, paying his skills forward in the education sector. A trained barista, Troy parallels his espresso knowledge to his bourbon journey. Continuing to live his life to its fullest and building stories along the way.